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Family law in the state of Oklahoma covers a broad variety of issues including; divorce, adoption, child support, alimony, and custody. Family law also encompasses various family-related resolutions relating to Oklahoma families, for example, the kinds of marriage that are disallowed, the legitimate prerequisites for separation, and the significance of conjugal property. Use the Oklahoma City Attorney Directory to research and hire the best Oklahoma City family law attorney to guide you through the process and bring you to the outcome that you deserve. Below is information on some of these topics.
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You are required to live in Oklahoma for a half year before you can seek a divorce. The most widely recognized ground for separation in Oklahoma is incompatibility. You and your mate are not compatible if in any event one of you is happy to affirm that you can’t get along and that you need a separation. Other normal grounds incorporate infidelity and abandonment. More often than not, the parent who does retain guardianship of the children are granted visitation. Visitation frequently allows contact with the children at the end of the week, bi-weekly, and through holidays and/or breaks from school. If the parent without guardianship is a risk to the children the judge may confine visitation with supervision. Often couples consent to joint custody, which means the two of them will mutually decide on all significant choices influencing the children.

Finances pertaining to a divorce are also divided by a judge. This includes alimony and child support. The parent who does not have guardianship of the children, is normally required to pay support. The measure of help depends on the salary of the guardians. The court will likewise arrange the other parent to pay a piece of the child’s restorative costs, medical coverage, and day-care costs. Alimony, meanwhile, is money that one spouse is ordered to pay to the other for support. Alimony depends on the length of the marriage, the needs and income of both parties, and other factors. There are no clear guidelines on when a judge will order alimony, or how much the judge will order. The best way to find out about alimony is to ask an attorney for an opinion.


When a child is born to a wedded couple in Oklahoma, the spouse is naturally esteemed to be the legitimate father. Meanwhile, if an unmarried woman has a child, there is no “assumption” that the natural dad is the legitimate dad. Oklahoma will possibly perceive the natural dad as the lawful dad if the unmarried couple “sets up paternity.” This implies the couple needs to clear some legitimate obstacles to ensure that the state perceives the youngster’s biological father as the lawful father. One special case to this standard is if the unmarried man pays child support for the baby, he is lawfully assuming paternity of the child. Oklahoma have two options for establishing paternity:  

The cost of state testing through an Acknowledgment of Paternity is much less than a private DNA test.

Protection Orders against Domestic Violence

A Protection Order might be looked for by the person in danger, 18 years old or older, or by a lawfully capable individual on sake of a minor or crippled grown-up. While it isn’t fundamental to have the help of a lawyer, getting a Protective Order can have noteworthy lawful results, particularly including issues, for example, during child custody disputes  and the division of property. The Protection Order includes the person in question, minor offspring of the person in question, and assigned family unit or relatives. An Oklahoma Protective Order can be allowed for a three year time span, contingent upon the circumstance.

Name Changes

Marriage, divorce, or adoption are the three most common ways to change your name. Simply present the appropriate documentation such as a marriage license or divorce decree, in order to change your name following a marriage or divorce. If you completed an adoption in Oklahoma the court forward all necessary documentation to vital records. The name will then be amended on the birth certificate. Name changes for any other reason require a petition to Oklahoma State Court. This process requires you pay a filing fee, appear at a court hearing, and deliver your case before a judge. If you are considering a name change to protect yourself from abuse talk to an Oklahoma City family law attorney about doing a “Sealed Name Change”. Oklahoma judges will grant a “Sealed Name Change” if they feel you have provided cause, or it is necessary for your protection.


Adoption is a time consuming and emotional process, although a majority of citizens qualify to adopt in Oklahoma. Sexual orientation plays no factor in adoption. This includes citizens who are married, divorced, single, or widowed. The basic requirements to adopt in the state of Oklahoma includes: being at least twenty-one years of age, in good health, provide ample living space for the child, being able to understand, love, and accept a non-biological child, and being able to manage your finances to meet the needs of the child. Every prospective parent must them pass a home assessment and 27-hour orientation. Your home assessment includes  a full family assessment, including interviews with every family member, verification of income, and a home safety assessment, As well as, a medical examination report, fingerprinting, all reference and background checks, and verification of vaccination for all pets. Adoption is always free.

Juvenile Matters

In Oklahoma, there are adolescent wrongdoings for those under age 18. See Title 10A of the Oklahoma Statutes. For certain violations, the law treats the denounced (the individual charged) as an “youthful offender” who can be indicted in grown-up or adolescent court contingent upon the conditions.

“Juvenile” or “adolescent” signifies any individual under eighteen (18) years old, with the exception of any individual charged and indicted for any offense indicated in the Youthful Offender Act or against whom judgment and sentence has been conceded for such offense, or any individual who is confirmed as a grown-up as per any affirmation strategy approved in the Oklahoma Juvenile Code for any offense which results in a conviction or against whom judgment and sentence has been conceded for such offense. See 10A Okla. Detail. § 2-1-203.

Youthful Offender” signifies an individual:

  1. thirteen (13) or fourteen (14) years old who is accused of homicide in the principal degree and affirmed as a young wrongdoer as given by 10A Okla. Detail. § 2-5-205,
  1. fifteen (15), sixteen (16), or seventeen (17) years old and accused of a wrongdoing recorded in by 10A Okla. Detail. § 2-5-206(A), which incorporates: 1. Murder in the second degree; 2. Capturing;
  1. Homicide in the principal degree; 4. Theft with a perilous weapon or a gun or endeavor thereof; 5. Burglary in the primary degree or endeavor thereof; 6. Assault in the principal degree or endeavor thereof; 7. Assault by instrumentation or endeavor thereof; 8. Persuasive homosexuality; 9. Licentious attack;
  1. Illegal conflagration in the main degree or endeavor thereof; or 11. Any offense infringing upon Section 652 of Title 21 of the Oklahoma Statutes, and
  1. sixteen (16) or seventeen (17) years old and accused of a wrongdoing recorded in 10A Okla. Detail. § 2-5-206(B), which additionally incorporates 1. Thievery in the principal degree or endeavored theft in the main degree; 2. Battery or threatening behavior on a state worker or contractual worker while in the guardianship or supervision of the Office of Juvenile Affairs; 3. Bothered threatening behavior of a cop; 4. Threatening an observer; 5. Dealing in or producing illicit medications; 6. Strike or threatening behavior with a destructive weapon; 7. Mutilating; 8. Private thievery in the second degree after at least two mediations that are isolated in time for misconduct for submitting robbery in the primary degree or private theft in the second degree; 9. Assault in the second degree; or 10. Utilization of a gun while in commission of a lawful offense.

For specific wrongdoings (for the most part savage or genuine violations), the weight is on the blamed to demonstrate that the individual in question ought to be guaranteed as a juvenile. Other times the “child” will be treated as a grown-up, charged in an adult court with correlating consequences

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