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OKC Social Security Disability

Posted on: April 3rd, 2020 by: Kholter

You can apply for Social Security Disability benefits online, or by calling the toll number, 1-800-772-1213.

Agents are on standby to make an arrangement for your application to be assumed control via phone or at any office. Arrangements can be made for your application to be submitted over the phone or at any Social Security office. Supplemental Security Income (SSI), pays disability benefits for the month after the date you recorded your case, or, assuming later, the date you become qualified for SSI. Government managed savings, inability advantages won’t start until the 6th entire month of handicap. . One key benefit of having an attorney is their expertise in navigating the hearing process. Being equipped with legal representation and a sound strategy will allow you to approach your hearings with confidence. 

Social Security incapacity benefits are granted due to qualification.

You should initially have worked in an industry secured by Social Security. You are also required to have an ailment that meets Social Security’s meaning of incapacity. If you qualify, benefits are paid month to month  to individuals who are unfit to labor for a year or more in view of an inability. Compensation generally proceeds until you can work again. There are likewise various exceptional guidelines, called “work motivating forces,” that give benefits to soften the transition back into the workplace. 

If you are accepting Social Security handicap benefits when you achieve full retirement age, your benefits naturally convert to retirement benefits, yet the sum continues as before.

Standardized savings work credits depend on your all out yearly wages or independent work pay. You can acquire up to four credits every year.  The sum required for a work credit changes from year to year. In 2019, for instance, you procure one credit for each $1,360 in wages or independent work pay. When you’ve earned $5,440, you’ve earned your four credits for the year. 

The quantity of work credits you have to qualify for Disability relies upon your age when you become impaired. For the most part, you need 40 credits, 20 of which were earned over the most recent 10 years consummation with the year you become incapacitated. Please note, young laborers may qualify with less credits.

Preparing to Meet Your Lawyer 

Being timely makes all the difference in a Social Security Disability case. In the event that you have been denied benefits, the clock starts to run out and the issue is very time-delicate. There might be little a lawyer can accomplish for you if a due date has passed. You just have such a significant number of days to claim a refusal and you have to act rapidly.  You additionally don’t have to acknowledge Social Security denying your benefits. This is critical to recall. Investing in a Social Security Disability lawyer can enable you to assess your probability of achievement and give you a sensible point of view on where your case stands legally. 

When you meet with an attorney we suggest having the following data available: 

Government managed savings advantages such as Social Security Disability are determined dependent on the amount you earned and paid into the Social Security framework during your working profession. As a rule, Social Security advantages were intended to supplant a bigger part of pre-retirement salary for lower workers and smaller amount for higher breadwinners. The measure of your pay Social Security replaces in retirement is unique to each to each individual. 


I you were denied Social Security benefits or Supplemental Security Income (SSI), you may demand an appeal. Generally, you have 60 days after you get the notice of  denial to request an appeal. There are four dimensions of bid: 

Any of these options to appeal are available to any citizen, even those currently  living outside the United States of America. 

Possibility to Win Back Pay

In most situations where a petitioner is granted Social Security Disability or SSI  benefits for a disability,”backpay,” will likewise be received. This payment is made in a “Lump sum”. This includes funds going back to your initial file date. Social Security Disability cases are a timely process so “backpay” is generally owed. The primary factor that will decide when your disability begins is when you filed for Social Security handicap or SSI benefits. For Social Security benefits (also called SSD or SSDI), a candidate can receive compensation back to their date of utilization and furthermore possibly be considered for retroactive benefits during the year before their application date. This year can be alluded to as the retroactive period (this doesn’t make a difference to SSI). 

Five-Month Waiting Period 

Date of Disability 

The last and most progressively significant factor with respect to when an individual’s inability begins is the beginning date of their handicap—that is, the point at which their incapacity started. At the point when the SSDI petitioner records an application for incapacity benefits, they show (on the application) when they think their inability started. This is known as the supposed beginning date, or AOD. 

Returning to Employment

There is a process to follow if you decide to return to work. First, inform the SSA that you want to attempt to go back to work. Then you will be assigned a trial period. During this period you will be able to work as many as nine months while still retaining your eligibility for Social Security disability benefits. The amount of benefits paid will be adjusted based on the amount you earn.

In most cases, if you return to work but are later unable to continue working due to the same disability, you won’t need to re-qualify for disability benefits. You will simply be placed back on SSDI, SSI, or whatever disability programs you previously qualified for. If you are able to maintain “substantial gainful activity” (SGA), then your Social Security Disability benefits end.

The Road to applying for Social Security Disability and winning your case can be a difficult one.  Having an Experienced Oklahoma City Social Security Disability Lawyer can help with the process. Use the Oklahoma City Attorney Directory to find a highly proficient professional committed to providing personal service while providing highly competent Social Security Disability legal representation. 

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