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Oklahoma City Medical Malpractice

Oklahoma City Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice is a negligence claim resulting from an error made by a care provider. The filing of a claim is time sensitive depending upon the age of the injured person.

A brief list of those ages and times are listed below. There are several types of medical malpractice, each of which an Oklahoma City Malpractice Attorney can review with you. When you meet with you Oklahoma City Medical Malpractice Attorney he or she will evaluate all relevant possible errors in proper healthcare  to determine whether you are entitled to compensation under the negligence rules of law. It is imperative that you bring to the discussion with your Oklahoma City Malpractice Attorney, all of you healthcare information including all records released to you by physicians or hospitals. With good records, your opportunity for compensation is more likely. Of course your Oklahoma City Medical Malpractice Attorney can subpoena any records with your permission. A parent or guardian of a minor child is a necessary party to Medical Malpractice cases in order to receive and to provide records and to discuss all aspects of the case on behalf of the minor child.  A parent of a child under 19 should check with an Oklahoma City Medical Malpractice Attorney to determine the time in which a claim must be filed before time runs. 

 An Oklahoma City Medical Malpractice Attorney will direct you through the process so that the stress of your ordeal will be lessened. You may be assured that the Oklahoma City Malpractice Attorney you choose is well informed as to the law and will represent you well so you can receive a satisfactory result.



The 4 essential elements of Medical Malpractice are:

.  The physician in question has to have a legal duty to the person harmed. Patients have a legal right of receiving the best standard of care possible. The test of the standard is measured against what other Physicians in the same field would provide.

.  The physician has to have breached his duty by not holding to the standard of care created.

.  The breach was a direct cause of the specific harm to the person.

.  The injury which occurred resulted in damages which are the monetary compensation for the emotional trauma and losses. 


MISDIAGNOSIS by a health care provider can lead to medical malpractice. Perhaps you have a medical condition which physicians are treating but you do not get better. Perhaps there are other identifiable failures of the health provider to follow acceptable standards of care. Some of the more common misdiagnosis which may rise to medical malpractice are, breast cancer,  stroke, colon cancer. If you are not feeling better after receiving treatment, your Oklahoma City Medical Malpractice Attorney will probably instruct you to obtain a second or third opinion.

If you do not have any of the symptoms of the diagnosed illness and the TREATMENT IS NOT WORKING your Oklahoma City Medical Malpractice Attorney probably will suggest looking for a new physician who can match your symptoms with a proper diagnosis.

A third possible medical malpractice error is a diagnosis BASED SOLELY ON ONE LAB TEST. While a test may be significant for some ailments it can also be missing the mark by not showing the actual problem causing  the misdiagnosis. An example may be you have low blood platelets which to the physician indicates is caused by alcohol consumption and bases treatment on alcoholism when the patient does not consume alcohol and finds that it is possible that a change in diet may be the answer. Your Oklahoma City Medical Malpractice Attorney may suggest that you seek other medical help with the problem.

Another common error  is some health care providers mistake a COMMON COMPLAINT for something much more serious which causes the patient to be unnecessarily alarmed by the diagnosis of a life threatening situation. You as a patient,  may resist the battery of tests and if you are needlessly subjected to unnecessary treatment, your Oklahoma City Medical Malpractice Attorney may advise you of a claim against the health provider.


An Oklahoma medical malpractice suit can be filed by anyone who, in the care of a health care provider, has been injured by the care provider’s negligence in  treatment that falls below the standard of care . The recognized standard of care is the standard of care used by heath care providers in a like situation.

Any health care provider who has negligently injured a patient can be sued, when that provider has acted in a medically negligent manner. A health care provider includes individuals licensed to perform medical treatment or services including, doctors, dentists, surgeons, nurse, psychiatrists and ever physical therapists. Not only individuals can be sued for medical malpractice, but hospitals, clinics, medical daycare centers and all such organization which are licensed to medically treat individuals. Your Oklahoma City Medical Malpractice Attorney is the person to discuss with you whether you have a medical malpractice act that rises to the level of legal negligence.

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Your Oklahoma City Medical Malpractice Attorney, after determining you have an actionable case, will have you, with his assistance, gather all of the medical available of the incident. The process is long and can be very difficult. Your Oklahoma City Medical Malpractice Attorney has the expertise to apply the applicable law, communicate with any of the possible insurance companies defending the case, negotiating, and litigating medical malpractice case. 

Your Oklahoma City Medical Malpractice Attorney must determine that the health care provider failed to follow proper procedures in treatment according to the relevant standard of care. The insurance companies have experienced attorneys on the side of the Health Care provider who are dedicated to preventing any relief for the injured person in the way of damages. In order to counteract this zealous defense, your Oklahoma City Medical Malpractice Attorney will focus on preparing expert witnesses to support your claims. Additionally, there may be other defendants you and your Oklahoma City Medical Malpractice Attorney can draw into the case. Think about your experiences in the hospital or clinic or any rehabilitation facility which you used for recovery. 

It is important that you follow instructions of you Oklahoma City Medical Malpractice Attorney during the difficult process. He will advise you of dos and don’ts during possible multiple hearings designed to have the Court dismiss your case.  You will have an opportunity to be compensated for your injury by assisting your Oklahoma City Medical Malpractice Attorney as much as you are able.

Your Oklahoma City Medical Malpractice Attorney will be there to  answer your questions.

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