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Foreclosure Defense

Foreclosure Defense Attorney in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Nearly 7.8 million foreclosures happened between 2007 and 2016, according to CoreLogic. In recent years, a growing number of property owners in the foreclosure process have started to fight back, by slowing down the foreclosure procedure or ceasing them all together. The lawful strategy utilized by these mortgage holders is known as foreclosure defense. Use the Oklahoma City Attorney Directory to hire a foreclosure defense attorney.
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Foreclosure Harassment

Property owners who have fallen behind on their home loan installments and are in foreclosure have the lawful right to stay in their home until the procedure has been finished. If the house is empty, the home loan proprietor (the “bank”) can go in and secure the home. Be that as it may, in some cases a bank—or its specialist—prematurely locks the mortgage holders out of their home, unlawfully evacuating individual property, while simultaneously harming the home itself. Home loan lenders and other obligation authorities are known for harassing individuals with consistent, irritating telephone calls and threatening messages. A great many people don’t know there are laws set up to shield them from these telephone calls. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (hereinafter alluded to as “FDCPA”) limits the planning and repeat of telephone calls from loan companies. Use the Oklahoma City Attorney Directory  take advantage of these consumer protection laws.

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Insures

If the debt collector receives written notice from the debt holder to cease communications they must unless

Power of a Sale

A power of sale provision is a statement in the deed of trust or home loan in which the borrower pre-approves the clearance of property by method for a nonjudicial abandonment to satisfy the equalization of the advance in case of a default. With an intensity of offer dispossession, the loan specialist can abandon without court oversight. A composed notice of expectation to dispossess by intensity of offer must be sent by confirmed mail to the borrower at the borrower’s last known location. The notice must portray the defaults of the borrower under the credit, and give the borrower thirty five (35) days from the date the notice is sent to fix the issue. In the event that the borrower fixes the default inside the thirty five (35) days, at that point the dispossession can be ceased. In any case, on the off chance that there have been three (3) defaults, at that point the loan specialist need not send another notice of aim to abandon, and if the borrower has been in default four (4) times in the previous twenty four two years, and has been informed as above, at that point no further notice will be required.

Judicial vs. Non-Judicial Foreclosure/Notice of Sale

Nonjudicial foreclosure is taken care of totally outside of the court. The procedure is utilized when your home loan or deed of trust incorporates a provision called the “power of sale” clause. This provision gives your approval, as the borrower and mortgage holder, for the closeout of your property if you should default on the home-loan. That implies if you miss installments, the loan specialist or their agent has the ability to sell your home to cover the obligation. If there is no “power of sale” provision in your home loan or deed of trust, the banks must record a claim to get a court request of dispossession. In this circumstance, you will receive a complaint and summons. If you refuse a response or provide an  invalid defense the court will rule in favor of the bank and permit the foreclosure. The lender will be required to advise you with a Notice of Sale ten days before the house is set available to be purchased.

Right to Reinstate/Redeem

Oklahoma statute provides you the opportunity to redeem your property until the judicial foreclosure confirmation is complete. This allows the opportunity for the debt holder to repurchase a foreclosed property within a set amount of time. Oklahoma however does not afford the right to reinstate your property. Although your terms of mortgage often allow it. Provide you loan documents to an experience foreclosure defense attorney to help navigate your rights as a homeowner.

Deficiency Law in Oklahoma

If a property in foreclosure is sold at a public sale for less than the loan amount which the underlying mortgage or deed of trust secures, a deficiency judgment may be obtained. The action must be taken within 90 days after the foreclosure sale, and can’t surpass the difference of the fair market value of the property and the amount of the debt previously owed. A deficiency action can also be recover all court cost and fees.

Bankruptcy as an Option

If you’re facing a foreclosure or going into default on your mortgage, bankruptcy can be an option. If you’ve suffered financial difficulties, and are having trouble paying your monthly mortgage consider filing bankruptcy to save your home. Oklahoma law forbids a foreclosure to take place while bankruptcy is filed, open, or pending. While your payment will not be reduced this is a viable option to keep your home. One advantage is the ability to have second mortgages stripped off during the bankruptcy process. The remaining debt can then be payed of an “unsecured debt.”

Notice to Leave After Foreclosure

In Oklahoma City you will receive a Notice to Leave following the finalization of a foreclosure. The average time to move can range from three to thirty days. It is recommended that the debt holder move before the new home buyer is legally allowed to inhabit the property. Staying past your notice date and forcing a new buyer to evict you from the property can result in an unwanted criminal record including forcible entry, a detainer action, or an unlawful detainer. This notice can come in the form of a “writ of assistance” or “writ of possession” which is a Sheriff posted court order. This order can be as quick as “24-hours”. Not obeying a “writ of assistance” or “writ of possession” will result in the physical removal of yourself and property by local law enforcement.

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Don’t sacrifice your quality of life. Use the Oklahoma City Attorney Directory to hire a local foreclosure lawyer who will carefully examine your mortgage agreement and finances in order to develop a strategy uniquely tailored to your situation.
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